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The First Volume is Published

While I published an earlier manuscript of the first Volume some time ago, it was a decision driven by amateurish passion and not practical skepticism. I learned that the first Volume, while the seminal launch of the series, could never be complete until all seven books were written and my ideas fully developed. With the conclusion of Volume VI Part II, I have returned to the humble beginnings. The seminal volume of the 1787 Project is now available in its final form.

I was a bit mortified at the quality of work I had initially produced. It was suitable as a draft, perhaps, but not for publication. I picked through the book, removed more than 150 pages of material, redid every graphic, polished its aims and arguments, and completely reformatted the entire volume. I invested another 200 hours into reading it line by line, word by word, carefully crafting each sentence towards the greater thesis of the Project. It is leaner, more concise, aesthetically pleasing, and riveting. It is not perfect, nor can it ever be, but I have made peace with that. It is more important that it be done well and available than for me to spend countless more hours changing a hyphen here or a word there.

The Project in general took on a life and momentum of its own, and this Volume illustrates the point. I have read hundreds of books and articles on the various subjects that Volume I covers, and none of them do it as well as this, my seminal treatise. It is truly an asounding work of scholarship, and I say this with trepidation, not unlike a parent who decides that their child is ready to confront the world on their own merits.

But the work is not complete. Now the efforts falls onto the broad shoulder of others, to read the book, to discuss it with friends and family, distribute copies like the great pamphlets of the Colonial era. The great obstacle now is exposure, the accruing of positive reviews and the friendly banter between citizens that can help grow the ideals recorded in Volume I into the bloodstream of American culture so that it can be innoculated against the pernicious falsehoods and propaganda of historical revisionists and the prehistoric agenda of totalitarianism. Every young person in high school or college should read this book, and every parent of such a child should read it with them, discuss its ideas, its facts, and historical accounts.

Children are taught a version of history in public education. Through the 1787 Project, they can learn the truth.

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