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Podcasting has Begun!

As another means of disseminating the information in or related to the 1787 Project, I recorded my first podcast episode this morning. I intend on recording one every morning so long as circumstances permit. Like my books, every step of the podcast process will be dutifully executed by me: outline, recording, editing, and publishing. It will be distributed among all the major outlets, though it is immediately available on Google Podcasts and Radio Public. See Link below:

In these early steps of establishing the 1787 Project, I hope you'll join me in helping to raise a legitimate and genuine grassroots effort to reclaiming many of the immortal truths of American exceptionalism and the correction of revisioniost historiography. In critiquing myself, it is clear that I began unsure and lacking confidence, and did not become comfortable for a few minutes. Also, my cadence is too slow and will be improved. I am, by nature, a VERY fast talker and so this was an over correction.

I shall also endeavor not to "sniff" or give my microphone an atomic elbow-drop which occurred close to the end. As a consumer of podcasts, I attempted to avoid or remedy common issues I find: lengthy/loud introductions, lots of additional sounds, rapididity of language. As a new skill, you can follow along as I hone this new pattern.

I would like to add this attribution to the intro/outro track, provided by:

The Inspiration by Keys of Moon |

Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Music promoted by

Further, the professional photograph-used on my sites, podcast, and all of my books-is provided by the talented and personable Crystal Kjellberg at or

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