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Bragg as Beria: The Prosecution of Political Opposition

The unprecedented indictment of a former President, though novel, is the logical continuation of political targeting normalized by the Democratic party. Inevitably, their strategy of defeating their political opponents, not on the debate stage or ballot, but in courtrooms and through the coercive arm of unelected bureaucracies, has long been a staple of the Democratic party.

Charges were brought against former President Donald Trump in Manhattan with the full recognition that any jury would convict him for who he was and what he represented, regardless of the law. The Democratic party simply returned to its roots in the Ku Klux Klan where all-white juries effectively nullified the criminal activity of their like-minded ideologues who murdered political opponents of all races. The Klan of the 20th century was the terroristic wing of the Democratic party and its all-white juries were a judicial device used to immunize illegal political activity from lawful redress. Much as the Southern lynchers and segregationists “shopped” for juries, so too does the modern party. The purpose remains the same: to weaponize institutions against their political opponents.

Alongside stoking social and racial agitation, weaponizing Federal resources against political opposition is a consistent strategy of Democratic party. In 2008 the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) targeted only those political groups that opposed the Democratic party, then under the Obama regime. Despite rhetorical condemnation given by Obama along with assurances that those responsible would be held accountable, there were precisely zero charges pressed or jobs lost as a result of egregious political abuse. Lois Lerner, the head of the anti-Republican IRS, retired will full pension and benefits. In one of the most public displays of political weaponization, what is arguably the most powerful non-elected bureaucratic agency in America oppressed free citizens whose political ideology differed from those in power and who sought to expand that power. The IRS, controlled by the Democratic party, returned to its traditional roots by violating the Fourteenth Amendment rights of free citizens to pursue and expand their political agenda.

No charges were pressed, no arrests were made, and there were no consequences for any of those involved.

In 2016, the campaign for Hillary Clinton, another Democratic Presidential nominee, funded an opposition research dossier, now known infamously as the “Steele Dossier” after its chief author and advocate, Christopher Steele. Aside from her habit of storing classified data on unsecured servers, destroying government phones, and wiping her servers clean with destructive software while under investigation, Clinton paid the authors of the dossier with campaign funds. The end result was the weaponization of the FBI against Trump and a conspiracy theory crafted by the Democratic party claiming that Trump was an agent of Russia, an utter fantasy and falsehood contrived to attack a political opponent. This propaganda was predictably spread with glee by mainstream media apparatchiks.

This utter falsehood, funded by the Democratic party, was part of a larger campaign used to justify a series of illegal wiretaps surrounding officials of the Republican Presidential hopeful and even as a sitting President. Democrats also claimed that Russia interfered in the 2016 election with the direct assistance of the Republican party to the benefit of Donald Trump. Their propaganda proved fruitful among the Party base who fully embraced the theory that Trump colluded with Russia to defeat Hillary Clinton. FBI Director James Comey headed the investigation into Hillary Clinton with the sole intention of providing public absolution; months before the investigation was concluded, he prepared a draft that exonerated her of all charges and implied that no prudent prosecutor would press charges.

While the failed Democrat candidate was absolved in the public arena, Trump was later raided for possession of classified documents. These documents were known to exist by the National Archives who were in communication with Trump representatives prior to the raid to negotiate the return of documents. Dutiful media and Party provocateurs pushed numerous stories claiming that Trump could be charged and found guilty for violating various Federal Acts and would be effectively removed as political opposition.

Numerous Trump affiliates were targeted by Federal law enforcement, often with overt displays of excessive force reserved for violent career criminals. Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani was also raided by Federal law enforcement, as was another Trump official Jeffrey Clark who was the subject of a pre-dawn raid. Another Trump satellite, Roger Stone, was similarly subjected to unnecessary Federal force when all that was necessary was a simple call to Stone’s attorney. Another Trump adviser, Peter Navarro, was arrested at Reagan National Airport. He was never served with an order to appear prior to his arrest and was publicly seized three days after filing a lawsuit to nullify the subpoena he was charged with violating. Even a Federal judge took issue with the tactics used against Navarro, tactics identical to other political opponents of the Democratic party: excessive show of force and public humiliation. Democrats in the House persistently appealed to Federal law enforcement to arrest and prosecute additional Republican-affiliated figures.

Another sensationalist propaganda episode, the protests on January 6, were similarly leveraged as a political targeting campaign that abused the human and civil rights of free citizens, some not yet convicted. Democrat officials in the Biden administration—including the President himself—repeatedly claimed that law enforcement officers were killed by rioters, a complete and total falsehood. Ever the Party apparatchik, the New York Times dutifully repeated the Party propaganda, though they were later forced to offer a correction long after the facts were revealed.

Over 1,000 individuals were arrested for daring to assemble and protest what they felt was an unjust political outcome. The treatment of political prisoners through Federal coercion was so severe that even some Democrats spoke against it. Video evidence viewed and subsequently buried by Democrats in the House largely exonerated protestors arrested under the false pretenses of trespassing and demonstrated clear abuses of the Due Process rights of those charged, imprisoned, and convicted. The evidence was withheld from defendants and their attorneys for two years. One of the most public defendants who paraded with shamanistic garb, was sentenced to four years in prison. Released footage showed him being escorted by Capital police. The clear political persecution at play is only further cemented with the incarceration of January 6 protestors for two years without a trial. The treatment of Americans charged with violations related to January 6 were subjected to anti-Republican McCarthyism.

Yet law enforcement was also weaponized more clearly along political-ideological grounds. A pro-life activist was raided and arrested in an egregious show of force for defending his son from an aggressive abortion extremist. He was charged with violating the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act and was later found not-guilty. Numerous of other charges were pushed by the DOJ against pro-life activists with nary a charge brought against violent abortion activists. No arrests were made in connection to hundreds of assaults against non-abortive pregnancy centers, including fire bombings. When questioned about this glaring disparity, Attorney General Merrick Garland responded that the lack of investigations or prosecutions were caused by the unparalleled stealth of pro-abortion terrorists who committed their crimes at night. Pro-abortion activists push the Democratic party political and ideological agenda; pro-life activists are associated most strongly with the Republican party.

Law enforcement has been seized by the Leftist Democrat machine to defeat and attack their political opposition outside of the ideological arena. These strategies were revealed by none other than the Democratic President of the United States, Joseph Biden, a career segregationist and beloved friend to infamous Klansman Robert “KKK” Byrd. In one of a very few, selective interviews, Biden said simply in reference to Republicans, “we gotta send them to jail.” Offered coyly, previous and subsequent events lead one to question its purpose as a jest, threat, or public announcement of the modus operandi of the Party.

The indictment of former President Donald Trump is the logical and most egregious example of this process. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg is simply the latest Lois Lerner or James Comey. Bragg is a Party apparatchik who ran for office with the promise to indict Trump. He was elected on this platform in an area that prosecutors claim is capable of producing a fair and unbiased jury. Whatever Manhattan jury is formed must be drawn from the same electorate that cast their votes for Bragg expecting that each vote was a step towards indictment regardless of matters of law. His promise to prosecute a former Republican President was not exclusive to himself but was a mainstay of Democrats running for office in the district. The New York Times, the same paper that deliberately misquoted Republican Presidential Candidate Barry Goldwater to falsely affix him with the “extremist” label on behalf of the Democratic party, revealed that the primary issue confronting Manhattan DA candidates was the so-called “Trump Question.” The Times reported: “Whoever wins the race to become the next Manhattan district attorney will take over one of the most contentious, highest-profile criminal investigations in the office's history: the inquiry into former President Donald J. Trump and his business.” Alvin Bragg boasted repeatedly that he had sued Trump over 100 times.

What recent events make clear is that the Democratic party, largely through its Fabian-Marxist system of cultural and institutional permeation, recognizes its political inefficacy and has sought to supplant political processes with institutionalized abuse to defeat their political opposition. Alvin Bragg is merely the Lavrentiy Beria for the Leftist Democrat regime. Unlike Soviet Russia and Stalin, however, the American Left is a decentralized, leaderless revolution. Its methods—if not consequences—are nonetheless indistinguishable from those of other totalitarian regimes and exist far outside the restraints of a free society.

Bragg won promising to prosecute the primary political opposition for the Democratic party. In effect, his campaign slogan was: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime,” only for the modern Party the man is Trump and the American people have no right to know what the crime might be.

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