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What is the 1787 Project?

The role of the historian is to inform the present with the lessons of the past. A true historian does so through an accurate, contextual summary of events. The modern historian has failed in this noble responsibility, becoming instead tools of particular ideologies, political parties, social movements, and special interest groups. 

In seven volumes, the 1787 Project reclaims an accurate telling of American history and its unique and confusing strugle with race as we understand it today.  This history did not begin in 1619, or even 1776, but centuries earlier, and the conflicting ideas that surrounded liberty and tyranny trace their pedgree to the earliest known human origins. The tale of race in America is one of victory over ancient tyranny, and the ongoing attempt by totalitarian ideologies to seize upon race as a social construct to sow dissent and division in the freest society in human history.

The Project informs and educates the reader with the strictest standards of academic and intellectual integrity. There is no publishing house to satisfy, no lobbying group to satiate, or funding institution whose biases must be matched. Instead, the Project reveals the facts and hidden truths of American history in a dynamic fashion that radically challenges modern fallacies and falsehoods. The first steps towards learning from the successes and mistakes of the past is to accurately understand the events that comprise it.

The 1787 Project is a landmark study in American history. There is no work of scholarship so complete and concise that covers the entirety of the American experience. On this subject, it has no equal. 

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The True History of Race & Slavery in America

Facts Omitted & Hidden

The deliberate revision of the Founding of America attempts to define it as a nation and people devoted the continuation of international slavery.  Volume I of The Project undoes these falsehoods through an accurate, factual examination of events prior to and throughout the Founding Era. Far from a nation and society premised on slavery, America was the first and only nation established on the fundamental belief in human equality under natural law. Through the organic laws of the nation, the United States and its people emerged as the most powerful anti-tyrannical force in human history and was instrumental in the amelioration of slavery in the West. Where Tyranny was made manifest in human chattel, Liberty was symbolized in the Founding.

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Volume I Reader

A Unique View of Primary Documents

Setting a new standard of academic and intellectual integrity, the Volume I Reader contains many of the primary source documents cited within Volume I of the 1787 Project.  Quoted passages are highlighted for ease of recognition along with a citation that informs the Reader of the exact Chapter and Section the passage was quoted. Combined with Volume I, the academician and student alike are equipped for serious study with an honest resource of curated primary source materials.

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The Shane Caraway Show

Applying History to Modernity

The many lessons of the 1787 Project can be applied directly to modern events, fulfilling the purpose of history.  In this Podcast, Shane Caraway does just that, creating a foundation of historical literacy and then applying those lessons to modern events.

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